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After achieving a repudiate position in the field on children book publication, Premier Publishing House is a new stepping stone by Bookman India. Premier Publishing house, an ISO certified company is an ambitious project to manufacture a vivid range of stationary products.

As a pioneer name in education industry, we strongly believe that education should be easily accessible to everyone. That’s why our high quality products are easily affordable for all. As a brand, we are bond to continue the legacy of Bookman India in terms of Quality and we do consider it as our prime responsibility to provide durable and fine quality stationary products to one and all.

To make India a better country in times to come, a rise in its literacy rate is must. With this understanding, Premier Publication House is a small contribution by Bookman India towards the ambitious program of सब पढ़ें सब बढ़ें ” by government of India.

To taste the success in this venture as well we have all ingredients required for success under one roof with excellent production facility and experienced team.


We at PPH believe that success can be achieved only by offering best quality products to customers on very competitive pricing. We trust in building and maintain long term business relationships. To grow and expand our business we have to have a sustained interaction with our customers. It is not only our customers but the people who work with us too that make PPH the company as it is today. Work environment in PPH is conducive to open culture which offers an ease to everyone to share his/her ideas and opinions without any unease.

In PPH we value capabilities over experience and thus have a young and enthusiastic team. Our people come from different walks of life but share common goal and vision for the company. Although our team has specialization in offering the finest stationary items to our customers on consistent basis, still our young team is always eager to bring something creative on board.


Market Strategy

Copies and other stationary items have been a part of the beautiful memories of our childhood. Now time has changed, gadgets and mobiles have become new friends of kids. But despite of a drastic increase in the use of different gadgets copies and other stationary items still accompany our young ones to write and express themselves.

Stationary parts have become so necessary for us that we as grownups cannot think of our offices without stationary items. It shows the increasing requirement of stationary products in one’s life. But you will be amazed to know that still the large portion of manufacturing the scholastic/office paper stationary market is in grip of unorganized sector.

As per research and reports the current worth of stationary market in India is 10,000 crore. On this, notebook alone account of 4,000 Crore. Moreover, this market is growing at 10-11% a year.

PPH is all set to be a well known part of such a huge industry. PPH is ready to expand its product basket with vivid range of categories for stationary items. After spending a quality time to understand the consumer’s mindset, PPH has brought innovative themes and eye catching covers with sheer paper quality to attract consumer’s attention towards them.

PPH has an app named PPH, which offers following mind games to gadget loving generation : Puzzles, Riddles, Brainteasers, Sudoku, Quizzes, Mazes & many more.

We also have an integrated production setup with best machines to ensure the quality and durability of our products. We are not limited only to the paper stationary but many other stationary products are in pipeline and waiting for their timely launch. In the beginning we have around 30-40 verities to offer, but very soon going to introduce newer categories and expand offering within each category and at every price point. As of now our focus is on domestic market but exporting of stationary items is also a part of PPH’s business strategy.


“Words are a lens to focus one’s mind.”

–  Ayn Rand


Writing allows people to express themselves and invite others to travel in their world of imagination. It all starts with a blank paper. We wish to provide that blank paper to every creative mind.



  • To provide high quality educational products to one and all on very affordable pricing.
  • To be an example for others in terms of quality within well pricing.
  • To setup a benchmark of quality within price in educational item’s manufacturing industry.
  • To be a well known name among the students for offering high quality and creative school stationary products.
  • To provide all required material for encouraging creativity in learners.
  • To provide3 school stationary to that every hand which wants to write.


Our continuous strive for offering best quality products to our consumers forced us to be the biggest competitor and critic for our own work and this is the reason we are doing better than ever in our present projects. Our experienced team’s firm belief lies not only in the satisfaction of its customers but also in their exceed expectations.

Whenever a product is delivered by us, we want to make ourselves sure that the product bears our hallmark of integrity, honesty and very fine quality at a competitive pricing.


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